Registration & Inspection

All agencies that provide domiciliary care must be registered with the R.Q.I.A (regulation quality improvement authority). The RQIA inspect agencies to make sure that they meet the "National Minimum Standards".

The standards say:

  • How the agency must recruit and train their staff
  • How the agency should be managed
  • How the care staff must treat the people they help.

R.Q.I.A also checks that the agency has the right policies and procedures in place to protect the people they help.

The inspection requirements for a domiciliary care agency are different from the requirements for a nursing care agency. You should look at the inspection reports for each agency on the R.Q.I.A website. The reports tell you about the performance of the agency.

Our RQIA Registration Number: 10935

We advise that when choosing an agency (even if it is not our own) that you make sure they are registered with the RQIA as all registered agencies are accredited by RQIA  and are  regulated and inspected annually to ensure they are performing to standard. The list of registered agencies is posted on their website  You can also view inspection reports for each registered agency can be viewed online via the RQIA website or by clicking on the following link