About Us

Opus Homecare is an accredited registered domiciliary service provider of quality homecare in Northern Ireland.  We were established in 2007 specifically to provide better quality care solutions for people who wanted to be cared for in their own homes. Domiciliary care (also known as homecare) is a range of care services you can receive in your own home to help you cope with disability or illness, and to become or remain independent for as long as possible.

At Opus Homecare we believe in care in the community and that anyone who chooses to live in their own home should be given every  assistance to do so, as securely and as comfortably as possible.

Our Mission

The Staff of this Agency pride themselves on Offering People Understanding Supportive Homecare

Our Aim

“It is our aim is to sustain the quality of the services provided to our clients, while meeting the challenges of the new regulatory requirements”.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be a successful domiciliary care provider that is recognised and trusted to care.

Values Statement

Opus Homecare is dedicated to providing high quality domiciliary care to those who are most vulnerable through age and or disability, to enable them to live as independent and dignified a life within their own homes & community for as long as they are able to do so.

The following key values are the core of this statement and our service:

  • PRIVACY: - The right of a service user to be left alone and undisturbed whenever they wish.
  • DIGNITY: - The understanding of a service users needs and treating them with respect.
  • INDEPENDENCE: -  Allowing a service user to take calculated risks, to make their own  decisions and think and act for themselves
  • CHOICE: - Giving a service user the opportunity to select for themselves from a range of alternative options.
  • RIGHTS: - Keeping all basic human rights available to the service users.
  • FULFILMENT: -  Enabling the service user to realise their own aims and helping them to achieve these goals in all aspects of daily living